The annual membership meeting  and end of season celebration luncheon was held on Friday, March 25, 2022, in the Bald Eagle Room at Mackle Park, from 10:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. At the meeting, members elected Cindy Wesolowski as President, Christine Bergquist as Treasurer and Karen Caster as Correspondence Secretary, each for another two year term. The members also approved our operating budget for the next fiscal year (April 1, 2022-March 31, 2023) which included Scholarship & Grant payments of $25,000. 

The luncheon, which followed the membership meeting, was catered by DaVinci's Restaurant. The menu included salad, bread, Chicken Marsala, Eggplant Rollatini, Penne w/Vodka Sauce, Pasta w/Sausage & Peppers, and three different cakes.

Joyce Markel recited an original poem, which is shared below for those members who were not able to attend the event.

SHELLERS   by Joyce Markel

The Sheller is on the beach before the sun comes up

Some people would say Shellers are just nuts!

No matter the temperature, 48 or 94

The Sheller is out there walking the shore!

Since the sun is not up, how will they see?

With their flashlight, they won’t miss one gift from the sea.

A beginning Sheller may not know very much, they just stroll and look

But after a few years of collecting, they’ve memorized a whole Shell book!

What equipment do you need to be a good Sheller?

A hat, scuba booties, a shell bag and a dipper!

When the Sheller is alone on the beach, they say “the beach is all mine”

Surely, today I’ll have some great finds!

The cry of the Sheller is “Lord help me find a Junonia this time

So finally I can say “this Junonia is all mine!”

Shellers often say “I’m only picking up certain shells”

That lasts 5 minutes, their bag is soon full, “Oh well”

People will say “don’t you have enough shells”?

Heavens no! You can never have enough shells!!

Real Shellers join the Shell Club, you might even know one

They make beautiful shell crafts and it is lots of fun!

Some people say “you shell every day, isn’t it always the same?”

Shellers say “it’s never the same and the sea is always calling my name!”

Shellers love to meet other Shellers out on the beach, it’s like “show and tell”

They admire each other’s finds and share information as well.

The Sheller’s search for shells is never done,

They will search and search for just the right ones.

So if this poem describes you as a Sheller, as it does me

Then consider yourself a crazy, obsessed, dedicated Sheller of the sea!