On March 06, 2020

Cost of bus transportation is $43 per person.  Dolphin Transportation will leave at 8 am for the Sanibel Shell Show on Friday, March 6, 2020. Please arrive at the Walmart parking lot before 8. The bus will be parked to the right as you enter near the gas station. We will be getting to the venue just about 9 am as the doors open.
Bring $5.00 admission fee and $2.00 for our driver's tip. Bring your lunch if you want. There are nearby restaurants to eat at also.

On our way back home we will go to one of Sanibel's beaches so bring your hat, sunscreen and something to carry your seashell treasures.

Please select JOIN at the top of this page to register for the trip.  Your registration is not complete until your check is received.

NOTE: Checks will be collected at workshops until March 3, 2020. If there are not enough members signed up by February 25 we will open the tour to non-members. Checks will be returned if the trip is cancelled.