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Membership in the Marco Island Shell Club is open to shell enthusiasts at all levels of interest and expertise. Become an active member by choosing to attend weekly Club shell art workshops and/or monthly meetings/seminars (educational enrichment and speakers from November-March) and/or participate or volunteer in the annual Shell Show and/or serve as an officer or on a Club committee.

TERM OF MEMBERSHIP:  Although the Marco Island Shell Club season runs from November through March, the bylaws set the membership year as January 1 through December 31.  Club policy states that anyone who joins in November or December becomes a member from the date he/she joins until December 31st of the following year.  ALL NEW MEMBERS MUST FILL IN AN ONLINE APPLICATION.

DUES: The cost for individual membership is $25 per year, or $30 for a two-person household.  The club accepts payment by check or credit card (through the Club’s PayPal account).  No cash payments will be accepted.     

RENEWAL:  Do not use this application page for renewals.   Starting November 1, 2016, current members will be able to review their current data and renew for 2017 on the Club website.Membership renewal is due by December 31.  

Pay Online using your credit card through the Club's PayPal account, or pay by Check

ONLINE Shell Club Application and Payment for individuals via the Shell Club's PayPal account. If you choose to pay through PayPal, be aware that you will be asked to fill in information for a PayPal account if you do not have one. Even if you do not want to create a PayPal account, go ahead and fill in the information. It is needed to complete your credit card connection. At the very end, you will be offered the option of completing the PayPal account application or opting out of it, and using your credit card. 

Pay by Check: If you choose to pay by check, please fill out the online form and print. Then bring the printed form to workshop or mail to:

Marco Island Shell Club, Inc.

PO Box 633

Marco Island, FL 34146


Click here for our Shell Club Application for Individuals $25.00/year

Click here for our Shell Club Application for Household (2 persons) $30.00/year

Click Here to read our Bylaws